Livestream Integration

    The broadcast web widget overlay can easily be added as an input/web page in all your Livestream streams.  Add the input using the following steps:

    1) Open LiveStream, and click Create Custom Graphic

    2) Select GFX1, then click Add Layer > New Layer

    3) Click the Paint Brush icon

    4) Click the Add Browser icon

    5) Enter the widget url for your broadcast overlay (you can get this from our customer portal or by contacting us). Input the dimensions (you can test different dimensions, but typically ~1024px wide and ~150px high should be enough space).

    6) Scale and crop the widget boundary as needed.  You can click the “Show Safe Area” icon to view the streaming boundaries.

    7) Add the new graphic/widget to the staging area by clicking “Push”

    Need Help?

    If you need further assistance, please visit the Livestream documentation at