Become a Scorebird School

    AHSAA and Scorebird Partnership

    In our partnership with AHSAA, all member schools will receive the Live scoring service for your Football Stadium at no cost to the school. Sign Up now and provide us with scoreboard controller make and model at your Football Stadium. Fill out Sign Up assessment form for other facilities if you want to participate in Live Scoring with a discount at $250 per facility per year.

    AHSAA School Benefits

    Final Scores Pushed to DragonFly

    Upon final of each home game, you will receive a notification to confirm the final score. Once the score is confirmed, we will submit that score to DragonFly for you. You have the ability to assign who receives and is responsible for these notifications per team.

    AHSAA Now App

    Your Live Scores will be displayed on the AHSAA Now app. Free download for your fans to follow your games and other games of interest.

    Football is Free

    AHSAA is covering the cost of your Football faciliity. Be sure to use the Sign Up link and provide what type of scoreboard controller you have at your football facility.

    Sport Coverage

    Our full package will cover all facilities that include the following sports: Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball as low as $750 per year.

    No Late Game Reporting Fees

    If your facility is has a Scorebird device, games at that facility will not be fined for any game reported late. This should not occur as when Scorebird is plugged in, we will get the final score and report to DragonFly.

    Athletic Website

    Get an Athletic Website free trial that integrates with Scorebird. Your fans can see the live scores straight from your website.

    How It Works

    Real-time Scores

    Our patent pending method for delivering live scores is truly live; tick by tick and point by point. Live Score updates that mirrors the data on your scoreboard.

    Plug and Play Hardware

    Our Live Scoring service provides hardware for your facility that simply plugs into power and into the back of your scoreboard controller. Fill out the assessment for your facilities so we can ensure to provide you with the correct cable for your device.

    Score Transmission

    Scores are transmitted via Ethernet or WiFi from your facility. Don’t have Ethernet or WiFi at your facility, Scorebird’s system will use our built in internal cellular chip to transmit your scores (no additional fees).

    Become a Scorebird School

    Fill Out Sign Up Form

    Click the Sign Up Link to get setup with Scorebird.
    Sign Up NOW!

    Facility Assessment

    We need to know what Scoreboards you have at each of your facilities. You can enter this in the sign up form or contact us via email or phone.


    We will be handing out devices for those who have completed their Football assessment at the Summer AD Conference. If you want live coverage for other facilities, please fill out those assessments so we can get you these devices as well.