Boxcast Integration (Native Input)

    A scores overlay can be added to your BoxCast streams automatically.  When you plug in your NeST device, provided you’ve sent us your BoxCast credentials (see form below), the NeST will automatically create a game-specific broadcast for you, which will appear on your BoxCast dashboard.  This broadcast will contain the teams playing, a start and stop time (estimated), the sport, and the team/school colors we have setup for you in our Scorebird database.  You can go live with this broadcast using the official BoxCast iOS app or whatever BoxCast hardware you choose to stream with.

    PLEASE NOTE: In order for this type of integration to work, your NeST device must be able to communicate with the Boxcast API. The NeST sends score updates directly to the BoxCast API on your behalf and will need internet access.

    BoxCast Screenshots:

    A broadcast will be automatically created and added to your BoxCast dashboard

    You can view the details and set any additional configuration by editing the broadcast (you likely won’t need to change anything here)

    Next Steps...

    We just need a few bits of information to setup your integration.  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to let you know it is setup.

    NeST Info

    BoxCast Info

    We need to know if you are streaming from the official BoxCast iOS app OR from a BoxCast streaming device.

    I am streaming from:

    BoxCast ID: We only need your BoxCast ID if you are streaming from a BoxCast device. We do not need the BoxCast ID if you are streaming from the iOS app. The BoxCast ID is located underneath the BoxCast device.

    We also need your BoxCast client id and secret keys, which are available from the BoxCast dashboard. We use these to post on your behalf to the BoxCast API. Go to BoxCast dashboard > Settings > API Keys, and either copy or create a new key. In order to keep this information secure, please enter these here:

    When you are done, OneTimeSecret will give you a secret URL that you can enter below: (NOTE: please don't use a passphrase when generating the link).

    Need Help?

    If you need further assistance, please visit the VMix documentation at