VMix Integration (Native Input)

    An overlay can easily be added as a native input into your VMix streams.

    PLEASE NOTE: In order for this type of integration to work, your NeST device must be on the same network as your VMix device. The NeST sends score updates directly to the VMix software and needs to be able to communicate with it directly. If this will not work for you, try our web integration.

    Please follow the steps below to setup VMix, and then submit the form at the bottom of the page to send us your configuration:

    1) Download our custom templates

    2) Click “Add Input” > “Title” > “Browse”

    3) Browse to the folder where you’ve downloaded the Scorebird VMix title templates (title templates can be downloaded here).  Select the appropriate sport template.

    4) Change the Zoom and Pan to position the widget

    5) IMPORTANT: Change the input name to “Scorebird” with a capital ‘S’ on the general tab

    6) The title template is now loaded and ready for data.  When the game starts, you should see the template update with the data.

    Next Steps...

    We just need a couple more bits of information to setup your integration.  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to let you know it’s setup.

    NeST Info

    VMix Info

    Enter the IP address and port of your VMix device. Please note: Your VMix must be on the same network as the NeST to communicate with each other.

    Note: The VMix port is typically 8088. If you're not sure, just enter 8088.

    Need Help?

    If you need further assistance, please visit the VMix documentation at https://www.vmix.com/help23/