Configuring OBS output to Tricaster Over NDI

    The broadcast web widget overlay can be added in OBS and output to your Tricaster live streams.

    1) Download the OBS NDI plugin

    Visit and download the OBS->NDI plugin Windows Installer.

    Open the .exe file on your computer.  Click through the prompts to install the software, making sure to check (or un-check) the NDI Runtime depending on whether it is already installed on your computer.  You MUST then reboot your computer.

    2) Setup NDI

    After rebooting your computer, re-open OBS.  Go to Tools > NDI Output Settings.  Check “Main Output” and give the output a name.

    3) Add the Scorebird Overlay As a Source

    Create a new source by clicking the plus icon under “Sources”.  Check “Create New” and leave “Browser” in the text box.  Click “Ok”.

    Double-click the new Browser source to open its settings.  Enter the url to the widget, replacing the serial number with your NeST serial number.  Use 1500px by 85px as the size, but you can tweak these numbers if the overlay appears cut off or too big.  Click “Ok”.

    You can copy the url below, but replace ‘20455’ with your NeST serial:

    Now we’ll add a filter to remove the green background.  Click the “Filters” button.

    Click the “Plus” button under “Effect Filters”.  Select the “Chroma Key” filter type.

    Select “Green” as the “Key Color Type”, then click the “Close” button.  The background should now be transparent, as the filter is removing the green part of the overlay.

    You can now position the overlay so it appears in the right place on your stream.

    4) Tricaster Setup

    Now that OBS is setup to output over NDI, the Tricaster can be setup to read from that stream/output.  The Tricaster setup will depend on the software you have installed, but should be relatively straightforward.