Camstreamer Overlay Setup Instructions

    Use these instructions to install the required CamStreamer applications and the Scorebird Overlay package onto your Axis camera.

    Please Note: This overlay currently only supports 720p and 1080p streaming resolutions. Also, the overlay may appear off-center when viewing the stream on the Axis camera stream view, but should appear correctly (centered) on the actual live stream.

    1) Download CamOverlay and CamScripter

    The first step in this process is to download the CamOverlay and CamScripter apps from the CamStreamer website.  Visit to download the apps for your Axis camera.

    After browsing to the download page, enter your camera model into the search field.

    Scroll down and click the download buttons for CamOverlay and CamScripter.  Save these to the hard drive of your computer.  Next, we will install these apps.

    2) Install CamOverlay and CamScripter onto your camera

    In a web browser, visit the web-based interface at the IP address of your camera (e.g.,, and then click “Settings”.

    Select the “Apps” tab.

    Click the “Add” button, browse to the location of the CamScripter and CamOverlay apps (on your hard drive), and then click “Install”.  Do this to install both CamScripter and CamOverlay.

    CamOverlay is now listed as an app.

    3) Start CamOverlay and CamScripter

    Select the CamOverlay app under “Apps”, and in the UI above, toggle “Start”.  Do this for both the CamOverlay and CamScripter apps.  After starting the CamScripter app, click “Open” to open it’s settings page.  We will now install the Scorebird Overlay app.

    4) Install the Scorebird Overlay Package as a “Micro App”

    Click the “Install new micro app” button.

    In the dialog that appears, click “Choose Files” and browse to the Scorebird CamStreamer Overlay zip file that Scorebird provides.

    After choosing the zip file, click “Upload Package”.

    5) Start the Scorebird Overlay Micro App

    After installing the Scorebird Overlay, click the “Start” button to start the overlay.

    After starting the app, a gear icon will appear.  Click the icon to visit the settings page.

    On the Scorebird Overlay settings page, enter the appropriate Camera, Display/Stream, and Scorebird settings for your setup.  Scorebird will issue you a custom api key that you can enter here.  The NeST 5-digit serial number is available on your NeST device.  The Camera IP setting will likely always be (local).  After entering the settings, click “Save”.

    6) The Scorebird Overlay Is Installed

    Close the settings page, and browse to your camera IP address again.  You should see the overlay on the stream.

    7) Turning off the Scorebird Overlay

    To remove the Scorebird Overlay from your stream, visit the CamOverlay app screen.  Toggle the Scripter button off.

    You should also stop the Scorebird Overlay micro app under CamScripter to prevent unnecessary network traffic/requests to the Scorebird cloud.  To re-run, just start both the Scorebird Overlay micro app and CamOverlay Scripter module.