Basketball Game with Tricaster Overlay

    NewTek TriCaster® Integration

    Use our pre-configured, easy-to-use templates with your Tricaster® device to get real-time scores on your live stream. We’ve created custom LiveText templates for each of the following 8 sports:

    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball
    • Field Hockey
    • Wrestling
    • Lacrosse
    • Baseball/Softball

    Complete Setup Below...

    PLEASE NOTE: In order for this type of integration to work, your NeST device must be on the same network as your Tricaster device. The NeST sends score updates directly to the Tricaster software and needs to be able to communicate with it directly.

    After downloading the templates, unzip them and save them to your Tricaster’s hard drive.  Then fill out the form below so we can finish setup on our end.

    NeST Info

    Tricaster Info

    * Enter the IP address of your Tricaster. Please note: Your Tricaster must be on the same network as your NeST to communicate with each other.

    If your Tricaster uses authentication, we'll need the username and password to connect.

    Please enter your password at Then paste the generated link below. (NOTE: please don't use a passphrase when generating the link).

    How It Works

    DataLink Mapping

    The TriCaster® integration uses “DataLink keys” to map incoming Scorebird data (which comes from your scoreboard) to fields in the LiveText templates.  These mappings are already created for you, you just have to load the template for the sport being played into the Tricaster and go live.

    More information on DataLink keys can be found in the LiveText documentation on the Newtek website.

    Data Flow

    Scores transmit from the scoreboard into the NeST device, which uploads the data to our cloud.  Once processed in the cloud, the NeST transmits the processed data over your own network to your Tricaster® device.