HuDL integration

Our Scorebird integration allows for a Scorebird automated scoring system can be used in conjunction with the BlueFrame/Production Truck software to automatically update scoreboard data.

You must have access to your Scorebird account, via, in order to set this up correctly.

You will then want to make sure you get your Scorebird account set up with your facility, and the device added so it can be found and recognized by Production Truck and pull in the correct sporting information. If you have questions about setting up your facility and getting your Scorebird account ready to be integrated with Production Truck please contact us directly:

Option 1: Via Production Truck

Scorebird Setup

You will need to plug the Scorebird Nest device into power, then proceed to plug into your gymnasium's scoreboard keyboard.

After this you should be able to power on your Scorebird. You will need an internet connection to your Scorebird to get the sports data to populate via your Scorebird account.

You will need the ID number (NeST serial) shown below in order to continue:

Make sure the correct sport is linked with the scoreboard under Shadow. For example, the nevco-mpcw-7.volleyball scoreboard is showing above.

On the Scorebird Facility Details page, you will also want to make sure the Device of the scoreboard matches the Device listed. See the screenshot below:


You can now follow the instructions on the Hudl website.

Note: If you have questions about your specific Scorebird device, or profile management on please contact us directly:

Option 2: Via OBS

Click the link below and follow the instructions to add your overlay to OBS:

OBS Instructions