The live virtual scoreboard can easily be added to your website with just a few lines of code or it can be added by your athletic website partner; available in your team colors.

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Display different views depending on the state of the game

Live View

Show the game in real-time just as it shows on your scoreboard

Basketball Widget
Wrestling Widget
Volleyball Widget
Soccer Widget
Lacrosse Widget
Football Widget
Field Hockey Widget
Baseball Widget

Team Schedule View

Show the team’s entire schedule, including scores for past games

* Optional add-on

Upcoming Game View

Show the next game so fans know when to tune in or be at the field.

Game Final View

Show final scores when the game is over.


Fans get live updates to the big game, from anywhere on the planet, 24/7 using our NeST device and cloud software.  Our software watches the game as it progresses and can  determine events like when the game is over, when the quarter changes, or when the team at bat changes.

web tickers

horizontal "ticker"

Show a horizontal, animated block of scores for your entire district or association. Limit the sports shown by default. You can limit the ticker to only show games that have completed and that are currently live, or you can configure the level to only show varsity and junior varsity, for example.

Animated with configurable delay
Limit to specific sports
Configure levels shown
Embeddable Horizontal ScoresInstallation/Embed Documentation

vertical "Ticker"

Show a vertical block of scores for your district or association. This ticker is also configurable by level or "sublevel" (e.g., Varsity "Green" team), and by sport.

Show an entire school district or an association
Limit to specific sports
Configure level and sublevel shown
Installation/Embed Documentation

school Schedules

Show schedules for a specific school. Includes recent games and live, real-time scores, as well as scores for games that have finished. Filter the results by sport, level, gender and date. Ability to see the full schedule for each team and sub-filter for gender.

Show all sports for a specific school
Toggle to show each team's full schedule
Filter by sport, level, gender, and date range
Installation/Embed Documentation
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Show schedules and scores for a configurable list of schools. Filterable by sport, level, school, and date range. If a game is currently live, links to a page that shows the virtual scoreboard so fans can view real-time updates. Shows sports grouped together. The accent color is configurable as well.

Show scores for one or multiple schools
Link to live stream or real-time virtual scoreboard
Filter by sport, level, school, and date range
Installation/Embed Documentation


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