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Report Pitch Counts and Scores From Your Phone

Ditch the pen and paper when you start using Scorebird's Pitch Count Platform on the Scorebird Admin App . Track pitches in real time and report pitches as well as the final score at the end of each game. Download the app today using the link below, or use Scorebird's Free Web Portal  to report your pitch counts and scores. All services will require a Scorebird Login.

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Our broadcast overlay widget allows you to add the score to live streams and television.  We also support direct integration with your Tricaster.

Pitch History

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View all pitch count logs

View pitch history, sorted by player

View pitch history, sorted by team

Web Submission Form

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Easy to report form

Loads previously saved player names to save time and track data more precisely


Mobile App

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Pitch-by-pitch tracker

Track each pitch in a beautiful format

Automatically reports pitch counts for you to save time and hassle!

*Premium Paid Feature: contact sales@scorebird.com to start saving time now

Coming Soon...

Advanced search options to view pitch history by player and team
Advanced mobile pitch tracking to simultaneously view the Home and Away trackers’ live pitch counts
Ensuring accuracy and transparency
Integrated TAPPS and UIL rules to “green light” or “red light” your lineup
We will send confirmation emails with submitted pitch information to you and the listed team representatives
Use the Pitch Count App to update Scorebird’s Live Scoreboard Widget that can be placed on your school site

Pitch Count

Enter and track your pitches everywhere and anywhere!


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Do I report for my team AND  the opponent?
Yes. Please submit pitches for both you and the opponent. This is not required, but it is strongly recommended.
How do I start using the mobile app for pitch-by-pitch tracking?
Contact sales@scorebird.com