Scorebird-NewBlue Setup Documentation


Upon opening NewBlue Titler Live, you should see these 5 panels. If they are not displayed, you can show them under the View menu option at the top of the window


Drag the applicable graphic overlay into the channel layers panel. The overlay will then display in the preview panel. In this example, we’ve chosen the baseball overlay.


Under Data Controller, select the applicable Scorebird controller in the menu.


The next step is to retrieve your Scorebird API key. The instructions can be found on a separate page. Follow those instructions and then return to this page after you have copied your API key.

Please visit the Scorebird API Key Instructions page to retrieve your API key before proceeding


Back in NewBlue Titler, after selecting the controller, the connection information prompt appears in the Layer Properties panel. Enter your 5-digit NeST serial number as well as the Scorebird API key you got in the previous step.


After saving the settings, the status of the connection from NewBlue Titler Live to Scorebird will display in the Layer Properties panel.


If, for some reason, the status shows as not connected, you can scroll down and edit the connection settings or click “Reload Game Info” to attempt to refresh the existing connection. If the title in this panel says “Scores Only”, it means that your game has not been fully initiated in Scorebird. It’s possible Scorebird doesn’t have a schedule for your game, or the game could be starting too far in the future. If you know that your schedule is not int he Scorebird system, you are all set on this step. The game will run with default colors(which you can change manually on the graphic/overlay) and the default ‘Home’/’Vstr’team names.If you know Scorebird has your schedule, and it still says “Scores Only”, you should sendsome test data via the scoreboard controller connected to your NeST, closer to game time. This should initiate the game creation in Scorebird. You can then try clicking the“Reload Game Info” button, and the text “Scores Only” should be removed. The team names and colors for your game should now populate in the data preview on the LayerProperties panel.


Click the Link Data button to open a panel showing the data fields for the overlay.


Click and drag the “Visitor Team Short” and “Home Team Short” data fields onto the applicable place on the overlay graphic. This will ensure that those elements of the overlay graphic will be assigned to the appropriate data element from Scorebird. You can preview the Scorebird data fields in the Layer Properties data preview. This only needs to be done for the team names. The other elements of the overlay should already be set up


To edit the logos, use the form on the Live Data tab of the Layer Properties panel


You are now able to go live by clicking the Live icon.