The New Digital Field Sign

    As more fans follow sports remotely, make sure that your team isn’t missing out on a revenue generating opportunity with Scorebird’s live scoring sponsorship. All Live Scoring Sponsors are shown everywhere that team’s live score is displayed. This includes your school website or app.

    Keep 100% of the Revenue

    To ensure that we are helping your teams as much as possible, Scorebird does not keep any of the sponsorship revenue generated by your teams. This means that we just provide you with the tools to sell and post your live score sponsor and you can sell it for whatever price you would like.


    By selling Scorebird’s Live Scoring Sponsorship to our existing sponsors we were able to not only improve our relationships with our sponsors, but we also covered the cost of Scorebird’s services and added thousands of dollars to our athletic program. Our sponsors are excited about this new digital opportunity.

    – Athletic Director, Large Texas Independent School District