Download the Scorebird for Admins mobile app:

The Scorebird NeST (Network Scoring Transmitter) easily plugs into your scoreboard controller. It reads the data and delivers that to multiple platforms (mobile fan apps, websites, social media, and overly for live stream)

Installation Steps


Download the Scorebird Admin app

See link above to download

Login or Sign Up

Go to Settings (gear icon at bottom)

Click on Devices, find the device you are installing


Connect Scorebird and Controller

Plug Scorebird NeST into power

Plug cable between NeST and your Scoreboard Controller

If using Ethernet, plug in Ethernet cable


Turn on Scorebird

It will start with Loading

Trying Connections


The 3 steps could take between 1 minute


Setup Internet Connection

Using the app, click on the device your are installing, click Setup, select Ethernet or WiFi.  In order to enter WiFi credentials, your NeST needs to be online via Ethernet or Cellular.  Once Online, you can enter WiFi credentials; NeST will reboot after save.


Go back to the Device in the app, and click Test.

Choose sport and you will see data appear on the next step.


Turn on Scoreboard Controller

When NeST is online, enter different score values for Home and Away

Enter clock value and start clock

You will see this data in the app and the clock and score should appear on the NeST screen

If home and away are backwards, contact Scorebird at

Internet Connection

We recommend the use of Ethernet or WiFi with the Scorebird device.  If using Ethernet, plug Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port.  If using WiFi, use the Scorebird for Admins mobile app.  In order to use WiFi, the NeST must be Online via Ethernet or Cellular.  If you do not have Ethernet or WiFi, we can use the built-in cell chip to connect to a cellular tower.

Important NOTE:  To use Ethernet or WiFi, you will most likely have to provide your IT department the MacAddress to gain access to the network.  The Mac Address information is below.  Using your NeST # for your device, you can easily build your Mac Address information.

MAC Address

Your NeST MAC Address can be found in the Admin app under Settings (gear icon bottom) >> Devices >> Setup.  MAC addresses are in the format: aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

Ethernet is assigned:
42:vv:ww:xx:yy:zz where vv:ww:xx:yy:zz are zero-padded and generated from the serial number. Device 12345 would become: 42:12:34:50:00:00WiFi MAC is assigned similarly, with the prefix being 46 instead of 42. So, 12345’s WiFi MAC would be 46:12:34:50:00:00.