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    NeST v2.0 Installation Help

    The Scorebird NeST (Network Scoring Transmitter) easily plugs into your scoreboard controller. It reads the data and delivers that to multiple platforms (mobile fan apps, websites, social media, and overly for live stream) that you and your fans can see your scores and other within your area.

    Download the Scorebird for Admins mobile app:
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    Installation Video
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    Internet Connection
    We recommend the use of Ethernet or WiFi with the Scorebird device.  If using Ethernet, plug Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port.  If using WiFi, use the Scorebird for Admins mobile app.  If you do not have Ethernet or WiFi, we can use the built-in cell chip to connect to a cellular tower.

    Important NOTE:  To use Ethernet or WiFi, you will most likely have to provide your IT department the MacAddress to gain access to the network.  The Mac Address information is below.  Using your NeST # for your device, you can easily build your Mac Address information.

    MAC Address
    MAC addresses are in the format:

    Ethernet is assigned:
    42:vv:ww:xx:yy:zz where vv:ww:xx:yy:zz are zero-padded and generated from the serial number. Device 12345 would become: 42:12:34:50:00:00

    WiFi MAC is assigned similarly, with the prefix being 46 instead of 42. So, 12345’s WiFi MAC would be 46:12:34:50:00:00.

    Watch the Scorebird NeST installation tutorial: (back to top)

    WiFi Setup Instructions

    First try to use the Scorebird for Admins mobile app to enter WiFi name and password.  The device will need to be online to be able to capture those values.  By default, it should connect via cellular.

    1. Get a USB flash drive, formatted to FAT32.
    2. Create a file called ‘wifi.txt’ in the main folder.
    3. First line should have “ssid=”, followed by the WiFi name.
    4. Next line should have “passkey=”, followed by the passkey.
    5. Save file, eject Flash drive from computer.
    6. Remove power from NeST.
    7. Plug in USB drive to NeST.
    8. Power ON NeST.
    9. Wait for connect message on NeST.
    10. If unsuccessful (or want to see success message):
    A. Remove drive from NeST after it has finished starting up
    B. Plug drive into PC
    C. Read troubleshooting info from below the “—“line in “wifi.txt”

    If you have any issues or questions contact us at or toll free at 844-Got-Bird (844-468-2473).

    Last Updated on 9/16/2019