Your scores on your live stream

    Broadcast Overlay Widget

    Get live scores and other data straight from your scoreboard into your production software with Scorebird’s subscription service.  See below for list of integration partners and instructions for each. Scorebird also can provide an easy to use scoreboard overlay to your live stream with an HTML transparent page.

    Overlay Example

    Overlay matches Scoreboard


    Our broadcast overlay can be added to any of the following live stream providers (click a button below for the specific steps for each provider):

    Streaming To 3rd Parties

    Before going live, setup our broadcast overlay widget in your streaming software (using the steps above), then follow the relevant steps below to connect your stream to your preferred 3rd party provider.

    NOTE: Tricaster to Twitch is possible; however, good documentation could not be found online.  Tricaster does have Twitch support built-in; however.